Cirencester Ramblers

July 12th Swinbrook

Six rambler had a delightful four mile walk in glorious sunshine starting at the Swan Inn, Swinbrook, passing through Swinbrook, and onto St Oswald’s Church (standing in the middle of meadows) and Widford. Crossing the tranquil River Windrush the walk continued south of the river, with a refreshment break by the cricket ground and then onto the village of Asthall.

After passing Asthall Manor and walking through the village, the ramblers turned towards Asthall Farm and on to Worsham.
Crossing back over the River Windrush and a short walk along the road brought the ramblers back on well worn paths through meadows and back to Swinbrook

WP 20180712 10 19 01 Pro

Passing through Swinbrook


WP 20180712 10 39 24 Pro

Crossing the cattle grid in the meadows by St Oswalds Church


WP 20180712 11 08 12 Pro

View of the outfield of the cricket ground at Swinbrook and the countryside beyond


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St Nicholas Church at Asthall

 WP 20180712 12 05 08 Pro

Walking towards Worsham alongside one of the several corn fields seen on the walk