Cirencester Ramblers

April 8th Hailes Abbey

 On Sunday 8th April 26 members and 2 guests took part in a 5 mile walk from Hailes Abbey.  From the abbey the group took the Winchcombe Way to Wood Stanway where they helped a farmer guide his flock of sheep and lambs along the lanes. 

Taking the Cotswold Way we made our way up the steep hill, pausing at the top for a coffee break.  Unfortunately the misty weather spoilt the view across the  Isbourne Valley.  Refreshed we continued on the Cotswold Way to Stumps Cross and past part of the ancient hill fort before descending back to Hailes Abbey.

We help the farmer at Wood Stanway guide his flock along the lanes

Climbing the hill on the Winchcombe Way towards Stumps Cross

At the top we stop for a coffee break and the "view"!

Near the Iron Age hill fort we pause to admire the views across the Isbourne Valley

Descending on the Cotswold Way back to Hailes Abbey

A selection of interesting features on the walk