Cirencester Ramblers

March 25th Sherston

 Starting in the wide high street of Sherston, we walked out across fields to Pinkney Park, where we admired the Welsh black sheep and other signs of Spring. Passing the 18th century Easton Grey House, one time retreat of Prime Minister Herbert Asquith (1908 - 1916), and later a “boutique in the garden” we reached the pretty riverside village of Easton Grey.

The group then continued through the village to join a short distance of the Palladian Way (a long distance path from Buckinghamshire to Bath), then crossed fields to join the Fosseway (old Roman Road).

After a break at the River Avon crossing (site of a Roman settlement and one of five located in Wiltshire), we walked south on the Fosseway to return to Sherston.

Making our way out of Sherston across Eastern Town Farm


 Our walk continues through Park Farm to Easton Grey


A brief coffee stop with views of Easton Grey House in the background


Site of the Roman settlement on the River Avon were we had lunch


Some interesting items in the grounds of Ladyswood House (well, it is a Stud Farm!)


Walking back into Sherston