Cirencester Ramblers

March 20th Fairford

Following The River Coln at Fairford

Eight members and a guest did a leisurely 3½ mile walk at Fairford on a dry morning. The route started at the top end of the High Street, going along Mill Street, crossing The River Coln at Mill Bridge and passing The Oxpens on the right. Turning left onto footpaths for just over a mile the walk continued southwards on paths alongside The River Coln, initially on the right side, and crossing to the left side at Dilly’s Bridge.

Where the river bends to the right, we went left over a footbridge to face Lake 104, and walked anti clockwise around most of the lake. At the far end also had Lake 103 on our right. A footpath took us back to Fairford, joining the main road by Keble House. To avoid the traffic the route back was a footpath by the library and then left along The Croft.

The walk was entirely on level ground, with two stiles, both in the first field. The River Coln is approximately 26 miles long, starting at Brockhampton and finishing where it joins the Thames, south west of Lechlade

IMG 2389w 

By the Old Mill House on the River Coln

IMG 2396w 

Walking by the River Coln

IMG 2397w 

A brief stop by lake 104


Who's an ugly duckling!; To Let with a bird's eye view!; 14 years patrolling the bridge; is this Phil's residence?