Cirencester Ramblers

March 11th Charlbury

On Sunday the 11th March thirteen members enjoyed a 7.5 mile walk from Charlbury.  Leaving Charlbury the group took the Hundley Way (track) along Clarke's Bottom until they reached the Wychwood Way.  At this point it forms part of one of the ancient saltway routes across the countryside.  Heading south the group followed the Wychwood Way, stopping for a quick coffee break near Model Farm.

The group reached the village of Stonesfield, where they followed the Oxfordshire Way back to Charlbury, stopping for a lunch break with views of Stonesfield below.  The bridleway back comprised of tracks and narrow muddy paths with remnants of the 'Beast From The East' in the form of small piles of snow.

Walking along Clarke's Bottom on a Spring day

We stop to read the The Salt Way information board on the Wychewood Way

On the Wychewood Way towards Stonesfield

The view of Stonesfield from our lunch stop

On the Oxfordshire Way back to Charlbury

Remnants of the "Beast from the East" a week after the thaw