Cirencester Ramblers

January 28th Birdlip

Twenty eight members and two guests did a 5½ mile walk, starting at The Barrow Wake Viewpoint Car Park. The weather was better than predicted, being sunny and dry, with the Cotswold countryside at its best under clear skies.

The route started on the road which goes beneath the A417 and then past the radio station on Shab Hill and then turned right.  It left the Gloucestershire Way, just before reaching Coberley and turned south, crossing a stream and then taking the footpath to Cowley, stopping just before the village for a coffee break.  From Cowley it was a steady uphill to Stockwell of nearly a mile, starting on a footpath and then continuing on the quiet road.  We returned to the start on a high level path with the A417 in the distance on our left.

As we set off the clouds roll back to reveal the view from Barrow Wake Viewpoint

Some of the interesting encounters on the walk

We stop just outside Cowley for a coffee break

At the end of a long climb out of Cowley

Signs of spring are evident on this sunny day

On a farm track reutning to Barrow Wake Car Park