Cirencester Ramblers

January 4th 2018, Bibury

 Seventeen members did a 3½ mile walk at Bibury in dry weather with a gusty wind, which blew the cobwebs away after the festive break.

The walk started at the Arlington end of Bibury and went along the Palladian Way to the edge of Ablington, where the group turned left along Hay Lane, a muddy restricted byway.  At the end of the path, a refreshment break was taken and then the route continued along a quiet road to the crossroads with the Cirencester – Bibury Rd.  The route back was initially left along the main road and then right on footpaths, to the top of Arlington Row, providing an opportunity to walk through the famous beauty spot with only a small handful of tourists.

The way back to the start was along the tarmac path at the back of Rack Isle.

 The recent weather has left many flooded fields

After a quick refreshment stop we are ready to continue

Approaching Bibury we are spoilt for choice with the routes available!

An unfamiliar sight, Arlington Row and no tourists!