Cirencester Ramblers

Nov 19th Ampney Crucis

On a sunny morning a group of 18 Ramblers set off from the village hall, Ampney Crucis, on a five mile walk. They walked through the picturesque village to reach Dudley Corner. Turning right, they followed the lane down past Farthing Cottage to Ampney St Mary. Here they visited the village green, and met a local resident who was pleased to see them walking a nice path near Hill Oak. They then left the village and reached the Quenington road.

The party went straight over onto the old muddy track called Ashbrook Lane, which took them into Poulton. They walked through the village past the Old Mission Hall, stores and pub to the playing field, where a coffee break was taken.

Afterwards they continued walking up the Down Ampney road, passing the church of St Michaels, before they diverted towards Poulton Priory Farm, the site of an old Monastery, which was demolished in 1873. From there they passed the old windmill, to find their way to Charlham Lane. Turning right again they followed the lane down to Ampney St Peter. After admiring the gold painted postbox, they went up through this quiet village past the old rectory to find a path. They emerged onto the Ampney St Mary lane again after walking through paddocks. From here they re-traced their steps back down through Ampney Crucis to the village hall.

Group  at Hill Oak 

Tree near Ampney Crucis

Walking down Ashbrook Lane

Group at Ampney St Mary

Three wise men by the gold post box in Ampney St Mary