Cirencester Ramblers

November 5th Kingscote

On Sunday 5th November 31 members took part in a 5½ mile walk from Hunters Hall, Kingscote. From Hunters Hall the group took the lane to the head of Marlees Brook and then descended a steep stony path to the lush grass covered valley that leads down to Ozleworth Bottom. On the way they stopped briefly for refreshments.

On reaching Ozleworth Bottom the path ascends gently towards Lasborough Park. On reaching the park the path ascended steeply at the end. The path continued past the disused church near Newington Bagpath and then along the top of Hay Bottom and back to Hunters Hall.

Passing through the gate at the top of the steep, stony descent

Descending along Marlees Brook

The valley opens out into lush grazing pasture

Not for the first time we pause to let everyone catch up

On the gentle ascent through Lasborough Park

We regroup before the steep ascent at the end of the park