Cirencester Ramblers

October 1st Brockhampton and Sevenhampton

On Sunday 1st October, 12 members enjoyed a sociable group walk that originally had a very wet and windy forecast, which proved to be incorrect, hence do join in a walk rather than be put off by the forecasters.!!!!!

Starting at the layby on the A40 nr Whittington, we walked across many afield, over many slippery stiles, in the upper Coln valley. The walk was through the typical Cotswold landscape of rolling hills and autumn woodlands to the interesting village of Brockhampton for a short refreshment stop.  The group then walked to Sevenhampton, across fields looking down in hope of finding Roman coins where there is the site of a Roman Villa, and discussed the merits of Whittington Court and its occasional opening times. We were soon then back to the start. Thank you everyone for joining me.   Susan

IMG 1850w

Making our way through the village of Whittington

IMG 1852w

Skirting around the hill towards Puckham Woods

IMG 1853w

On the lane leading to Brockhampton

IMG 1857w

Approaching Sevenhampton

IMG 1859w

A brief pause at Sevenhampton church