Cirencester Ramblers

July 2nd Miserden

It was a bright and sunny morning on Sunday 2nd July when a group of 11 Ramblers and a guide dog set off on a walk from Miserden.

At the centre of the village we turned north towards Sudgrove and looped around Sudgrove Farm before heading east and south-east through fields of wheat. Then into cool, shady woods and steeply down into the Frome Valley at Ashcombe Bottom. There we crossed the river Frome by a small wooden footbridge and headed north and north east to climb up to Bull Banks. At Bull Banks we stopped for a well-earned break before heading up again through more woodland. At the top of the hill, now on the east side of the Frome valley, we headed north and north-east, reaching Gaskill’s Farm where we were met by about a dozen excited large black and brown dogs and their frantic owner trying desperately to control them!

From Gaskill’s Farm we turned east and entered the Miserden Park Estate at the lodge gates, walking down into the Frome valley again to reach Miserden Lake. Finally, steeply up again and back to Miserden Village.

Bull Banks

Steps up from Bull Banks

Top of the ridge

Heading down towards Gaskill's Farm

Path down to Miserden Park Lake

Group at Miserden Park Lake