Cirencester Ramblers

February 5th Northleach

On February 5th 28 members and 2 visitors walked from Northleach to Farmington, on a pleasant morning, with mild winter sunshine.

They started from the Market Place and went eastwards along the High Street, before heading for the countryside through Dutton Lane, a narrow alleyway, and then going uphill with views back to the church at Northleach.

At the top, they turned left onto the path known as Helens Ditch. After passing Eastington Lake, the route continued along the Diamond Way to Farmington. A coffee break was taken on the village green and the return route was along a quiet back road, to finish a walk of five miles.

Alan explains the route before we set off from the Market Place in Northleach

New curtains needed?

Helen's Ditch (rumour has it that she was a witch, so we Hugged A Tree to protect us!)

Eastington Lake

Across the fields to Farmington

Coffee break at Farmington on the village green