Cirencester Ramblers

December 7th Swindon

Eight members and 1 guest met at Croft Sports Centre to explore some of the green areas of old Swindon. Starting with the woodland right next to the car park we followed a path which brought us out near to Broome Manor. After crossing Marlborough Rd we then entered Lawn Woods and continued through the Goddard family's estate, passing lakes and the remains of Lawns House before leaving along the main drive. Chris, the guest, explained that there was a network of tunnels connecting the house with outlying areas of the town. These were initially used for defence but later for smuggling.

After passing the museum and the old Vicarage we stopped for a break in the Town Gardens, a former stone quarry, then followed the path of the Swindon to Marlborough railway line which brought us back to the start.

We start off walking through "Great Copse"

Passing the lakes near The Lawn


We emerge from the park into Old Town, Swindon

After a coffee break in the Town Gardens we pause at the aviary

Making our way along the old railway line back to the start