Cirencester Ramblers

May 25th Avening (Eve)

On the evening of 25th May, 13 Cirencester Ramblers enjoyed a 4.5 mile walk in the Avening area. Starting from Avening Church the group circled across to Farm Hill Road and up out of the valley past Avening Park and Westfield Barn. Skirting young deciduous woodland coppices, members crossed a beautiful buttercup meadow at Brandhouse Farm.

The walk then went along Shiptons Grave Lane, before returning past Longman’s Barn with views across the valley to Gatcombe Park, finishing up with some members enjoying the facilities of the Bell Inn at Avening.

One of the far reaching views of the countryside

Making our way up a field of buttercups

Livestock seen on the walk

The group pause to admire the view

John leads the way for a well earned drink

A local joins our table to find out more about the Ramblers