Cirencester Ramblers

May 30th Chedworth

On Bank Holiday Monday, 30th May, 25 members and one guest set off on a 6 mile walk from the Chedworth Farm Shop. After a short stretch of road the group took the path through Fields Farm to Longfurlong where they continued past the remains of the old railway line. By now the walkers were in field bursting with the life of young crops so that they had to make their way around the fields to Ashwell Lodge. After a short stretch of lane they took a bridleway past a farm to join the Monarch's Way before joining the Macmillan Way back towards Chedworth.

 The group continued on the Macmillan Way until they reached the road that leads through the centre of the very attractive village of Chedworth. As they made their way through the village they were treated to numerous views of Cotswold styled cottages and their rural surroundings. Back at the start 16 of the group took the opportunity to enjoy lunch at the Chedworth Farm Shop cafĂ©.

Walking through Fields Farm

Crops are filling up the fields so we keep to the edge

Some of the lively livestock we encountered on the walk

We pass another farm before joining the Monarch's Way

We arrive near the north end of Chedworth

Some of the lovely views through Chedworth