Cirencester Ramblers

March 6th Cotswold Water Park


Twenty three members and two guests set off for a 5 mile walk from Ashton Keynes Village Hall Car Park, walking down the High Road and then all through fields amongst the sheep and rabbits at the back of the village. The group had a hard task at first climbing over the many stiles that connect all these small fields, one of which is occupied by three light coloured alpacas, who were as curious about us as we were of them.

Taking a path out on to the lakes of Ashton Keynes we stopped to watch the cormorants and herons that nest on a small island in the middle of one of the lakes.  We circled and passed several lakes, climbing a ditch to get on to the Spine Road to walk on the edge of Cotswold Country Park. Further along we returned to the south side to take the path across a scrubby area renowned for nightingales in spring, to take a very muddy and brambly diversion down a peninsula for the view of the lake and islands there.

Walking the length of the Water Ski Club, we returned for a pleasant walk along the Thames Path and back into Ashton Keynes, where a  contingent enjoyed some home cooked cakes and tea.


Heading towards Somerford Keynes


Friendly Alpacas


Group by the Lakeside


Passing the River Thames at Ashton Keynes



Welcome Tea and Cakes after the walk