Cirencester Ramblers

February 21st, Sherston

Eighteen ramblers and 2 guests started out from the High Street in Sherston and walked past the Rattlebone Inn, turning right into Noble Street. They then proceeded along a footpath at the rear of houses to Easton Town Farm. The walk continued downhill over the River Avon and around the edge of Pinkney Wood, on to Park Farm, past Pinkney Mill.  Coffee break was taken overlooking Easton Grey House, the former country home of H. H. Asquith 1st Earl of Oxford, when he was Prime Minister.

After a short break the walk continued into Easton Grey and onto the Fosse Way, where lunch was taken next to the River Avon. The return journey followed the Fosse Way, past Plain Farm, crossing a racehorse gallop and following the lane back into Sherston itself.


Heading towards Easton Town Farm


Fields alongside the River Avon


Easton Grey


Crossing the River Avon at Easton Grey



Returning to Sherston as the weather closes in