Cirencester Ramblers

On Sunday 29th June, following a short walk, over 70 members and guests gathered at Chedworth Village Hall to celebrate Cirencester Ramblers 40th Anniversary. After tucking into some 12kg of strawberries washed down with 5L of cream and numerous homemade cakes, Stuart Dyer, one of five group chair and ex-chair persons present spoke of his early memories of rambling with the group. This was followed by a speech from Benedict Southworth, Ramblers CEO, who congratulated Cirencester Ramblers on reaching their 40th Birthday and wished them another successful 40 years.

Cirencester Chair and ex-Chair Persons from left to right Bill Irving, Phil Gearing, Stuart Dyer, Mary Pym and Brian Bruton; and kneeling in front the Ramblers CEO Benedict Southworth, Gloucestershire Area President Frank Ragg and Area Chair Bernard Gill