Cirencester Ramblers

On Saturday 11th August eight volunteers set off to drive to the village of Upton St Leonards to carry on the clearance of the Wysis Way.  A friendly resident had very kindly let us park at his smallholding where we were joined by Mark from the Gloucester group.

This was a very bizarre day!  We started off by painting some of the posts on the path yellow as the way was very indistinct in this area.  Carrying on we came across field full of motorcross races, where we stopped to watch as they flew over the mounds with great skill.

Shortly we could the see the M5 in the distance and after crossing a bridge, settled for our lunch on a green with Robinswood Hill in sight.  We were joined by some very friendly sheep who crossed the road to see what we had for lunch.  They then wandered back and forth across the road, holding up a bridal party on the way to a wedding.

We then retraced our steps back to the start, where the lovely landowner supplied us with a welcome cuppa and biscuits.


Getting started


Painting the posts


Coffee and Shirley's lovely Courgette Cake!


Nice clear well marked path


Marking the way


Lunchtime visitors!