Cirencester Ramblers

 On a pleasant November day seven volunteers drove to Sneedhams Green to continue their work on the Wysis Way.

Path was quite overgrown but we soon cleared a good path and then drove to Robinswood Country Park to have a lunch break.   Thanks to Richard for the wonderful blueberry flapjacks.  You really surpassed yourself!

We then set off to walk the few miles into Gloucester City Centre putting up waymarks as required.  Thanks to Mark from the Gloucester Group who  has joined us for our last few working parties. Lliving nearby, he was a great help in finding the way  through the busy city.  (We must have looked a motley crew in our working gear in among the shoppers!).

Finally we reached our goal at the Gloucester Docks, having had a wonderful day out as well as a bit of hard work.  Thanks Richard!


Starting to clear at Sneedhams Green


Cutting back the branches


That's better!


Fun on the way!


Putting the waymarkers


We reach our destination